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My Dog Chubby Passed away last week..

it was shocking because he was so young, he was only 4 years old. He was a happy happy hyper dog who never did any harm to anyone.

he was a dog who got excited whenever you walked into the house.

he was a good dog with bad habits but he was a good dog.

We miss him so much.. we never got to get emotionally connected fully because he was a dog who loved to play but hated being loved..

Heres a little video for him.

Miss you Chubby, We love you!

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Anger and Insecurities

So if you are following us on our social media you will know that Timi is back home… FOR GOOD!

God its amazing to have her home. Long distance really wasn’t for us at all. We tried it but we failed miserably, we are both to blame for that but i don’t want to get into all the bad stuff that happened. I want to focus not the good because that girl came back home for me and I am so lucky. It might be selfish of me to have pressured her into it but it let it be her decision. If she didn’t want to I wouldn’t have forced her but i don’t know how much longer we would have lasted. But now she’s here and were lasting. She made a big sacrifice for me and I’m thankful for it, very very very grateful.

Unfortunately though even though she’s back I’m still not able to get over my insecurities but given the amount of things we had been though with long distance i think its ok, it will take some time. only problem here is it makes me lash out, i get angry and sometimes it gets ugly. i don’t mean for it to but these thoughts come into my head i start creating things in my mind because of the past and then i snap. I have always had anger issues ever since i was younger but i have learnt to get it in control but sometimes i can’t control it and thats whats bad.

Timi came here for me so she asked me to go see a therapist for my anger so i did but it turned out that wasn’t for me. I already know what to do and how I can stay cool and calm myself but i don’t practice it like i should. I need to and i will. for me Working out and having a fixed routine is what keeps me calm, i had that before she came but once she came we just wanted to be stuck to each other as much as possible and i fell out of my routine and it was ok to begin with but in the past 2 weeks i feel my temper coming on. It has come, it comes and goes and sometimes it leads to big fights and other times small fights. And its all because of my insecurities. i have reason fro all my insecurities, Timi agrees too but i just want it to go.

Insecurities and a bad temper really doesn’t work well in a relationship. it can blow up and it has a few times. She doesn’t blame me for being insecure, she knows i never was until the long distance and she understands it will take time but i need to get my anger in control. So I’m trying to work towards getting back into my routine and she will support me. I really hope it works. I am also reading a book on anger management so hopefully that will help me too.

We fight, we bicker and i told her if I stop bickering and fighting thats the day she will know I’m not in love with her anymore. So that will never stop. For my relationship with tiki, I’m obsessed with her, i don’t know if its good or bad, maybe its both but i am obsessed and that too is something that makes us fight sometimes because like they say “Desire is the root of our anger” and my obsession with her and us as a couple tends to be overwhelming maybe and i react badly to simple situations that can be solved in a simple way. But i think I’m too passionate and sometimes when that leads to anger it can be expressed in a bad way which is usually the case with me. I know i have a lot of improvements i need to make in myself and i am going to.

I don’t want her ever thinking she made a bad decision coming back home. She did something huge for me, i owe it to her to give her everything, everything great.

So fingers crossed i can get my shit together and try to eliminate my anger and insecurities once and for all.



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“Hang Man” Apology

We all make mistakes, whether it’s a big mistake or a small mistake an apology is always needed some times more than one!.

So I thought of a way to say sorry every day and just make her smile even if it’s just for a few mins. You won’t be forgiven but you will give her a laugh with this one!


CLICK HERE for the Hang Man Printable.


  1. Print out the Card, cut and stick it on card stock
  2. Cut the stick man and stick a picture of your face in it
  3. Get a string and tie it around the neck and stick the other end with glue.

When you give the card and they open it you end up hanging. I Wrote “I deserve to Hang” inside and Timi laughed…a lot.. I guess I deserve it but as long as I got her to smile.

Try it out the next time you have to say you’re sorry!





Perfect Birthday Pressiesssss!

It was Timi’s birthday on the 7th of August. I had a full day planned out for her as well as Presents!!!!!!

It was a Thursday so i had to go to work but I managed to get off early.

I planned that we would start our afternoon by going to a Spa and then Shooting after that i had a romantic dinner planned as well as gifts.

The gifts part is what i really wanted to share with you Because they are so adorable and its a great idea for everyone! The video of our whole day is at the end of the Post if you want to take a look :)

One of the gifts she totally loved was the one with her favorite picture of us printed on canvas.


The Illustration


The Picture










I got the picture locally printed on canvas but if you want to get an illustration made of your pictures heres the link.


On Canvas

I used Fiverr and I found this guy and he did it super fast and it turned out perfect! Defiantly try him out its only 5$!!!! Getting it printed on canvas was a different price but i guess it will vary wherever you live. Getting mine printed cost me a bit more because I did it though a company who operates online and delivers it home without me going there. But I’m sure it shouldn’t cost much.

Another gift I put together (the one i give her during dinner) was illustrations of memories of our relationship. That was really cute even i loved it! I used Fiverr for that too. Heres the link for the user Kathy. “Draw your love story” .  She was great to work with. I contacted her and just had to describe the memories and she made the illustrations. Again 5$ for each image so I paid 40 $ in total for this one.

Tiki’s Journey

This is how i put it together. We decided that we would keep adding memories to it and make it a big fat thing :) Kathy has agreed to continue making them for us. :)

image-2 image

These are great personalized gifts. I chose my own way to present it and theres many many other ways that you can.

So i just wanted to share these great gift ideas with you, they are cute, personalized and Cheap! Finding Fiverr.com was like the best thing ever!

The whole day is in the video below.







How We Met!

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Finally we made a How We met Video! our followers have been asking for the story. here it is.

Tell us your stories, we want to hear them.


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Relationship tattoos..cheesy? No!

Love tattoos…relationship tattoos..matching tattoos..seems chelice? Cheesy? Yeah we know but we wanted them anyway!

I came across an adorable tattoo while browsing though Tumblr one evening and I showed it to Timi and she loved it too and we said we will do it!
Anyway for a while after we hadn’t seen each other and the topic kind of dropped. But when I went to see her for our 2 year anniversary we decided to do it!

Before heading out to Aiga Napa we stopped at the tattoo parlor that we made out appointment at to get it done. We got there half am hour late and the guy was so rude to us. We told him its so small it won’t take your time at all. Anyway so we proceeded to get it done. Timi went first I went second we were supper happy with the results and when we said thank you to the tattoo artist he said “thanks for nothing” so we left the money in the chair as he instructed us to and left..(20 euros each) yes it was a small tattoo but it meant a lot to us. his rudeness didn’t bother us at all because we were going to have a great anniversary trip!

Here’s the tattoo the first day.

After our trip I came back home and Timi obviously stayed there.
As our tattoos started healing I realized how badly done it was. He was so put off that he had to do such a tiny thing he didnt even do it right.
Here’s the healed tattoos:




Bad job huh?
So it had been bothering me lie crazy, well bothering us like crazy. So we decided we needed to fix it.
After searching and searching for a tattoo artist at home I finally came across one ( its illegal here)

I made an appointment for when timi was visiting. We both went and got it done again for the second time!

Mine started healing yesterday and still crappy!
Oh and the guy totally had it in for my girl pissed me off but I didn’t say anything coz he didn’t say or do anything I just got the feeling.. Anyway..
Here’s mine:


Here’s Timis:

Hers is finally good mine still sucked so I went back to him today and lets hope 3rd time is the charm!

He opened his door and I was with another friend he didnt even look at us he just looked confused. So I walked in and said “hey…this is my friend Nazz” and he’s like “Not the other girl?” well obviously not ! The look of disappointment in his face was so obvious but I didn’t want to say anything so just left it. Then he’s like “It’s your finger? Not your friend?” I was like “umm it was my number wasn’t it ? So yeah mine not hers” anyway point is I was right my feeling was correct! Arghh hate it so much! Can’t even say anything because of the culture in this country. So annoying!

Anyway..Here it is today freshly done… After a week ill know if it worked this time or not! If not I don’t know :(


Anyway point issss it’s adorable and I really hope it works this time!

Cute little thing to do with your partner obviously be sure of them first!

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I’m Coming Home….I’m Coming Home….Tell the World I’m coming hommmmeee

So I haven’t written a post in a long time, and I think its just because ive been really busy and i didnt know what really to talk about. But now I do, and I have really great news. SOOOO im finally moving back home, back to my life back to my girlfriend, and its awesome because we can finally be us again. What pisses me off though is that my friends dont get it. They think im making a huge mistake but what does my life have to do with theirs? Its my life my decision and if its what makes me happy then why shouldnt i do it? Im the kind of person that believes in love, that I could be homeless with no money no house no food nothing but as long as im with the person I love ill be the happiest girl alive and I will die content. Thats how I see my life, thats how I want to be happy and content, I dont want to base my opinion on others and then regret what could have been the biggest regret of my life. So yea, thats basically an update with me, and im super stoked only 2 more weeks left and I’ll be home back in my babys arms! FINALLY!!!
Timi x

Cute 2 Year Anniversary Surprise


After a rough month apart our 2 year anniversary was getting closer so i took it as an opportunity to go surprise Timi.

Because of how much we had been fighting she didn’t think i would show up for our anniversary but i did!
It worked in my advantage coz she was not suspicious at all and had noooo clue!


twitter : http://twitter.com/tikiescapades
instagram : http://instagram.com/tikiescapades


Our Worst Homophobic Encounter

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Heres a video about a really bad encounter we had when Nik came to visit me….let us know if anything like this has happened to any of you guys before…I would like to know who else has had to face such hate.

On a lighter note..we do have videos of Niks trip here to put up but we have both been supper busy, her with work me with uni but it will be up soon when Nik Decides to do so. We have the video of her surprising me, her whole trip and Gay Pride. so keep commenting below asking her for it!


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Rooftop Date Night

Hey guys!

When Timi came home for spring break i had planned a few date nights for her like Alice in Wonderland Themed date night and our Bowling Date night, out of the ones I planned this one is the most romantic one.

We try to watch at least 2 romantic movies a week together and if possible we also like to add themes to it just to add on to it but we usually just do it in the bed room so for a change i thought it would be a good idea to do it on the roof and try something different so I planned a movie date on the roof!

If you can get your hands on a projector and have a roof top with a big enough wall or even a garden you can do this one.


The Plan:

Watch a romantic movie on the roof with a romantic ambiance.

What I Needed and used:

  • A roof top
  • A wall
  • A projector
  • Christmas lights
  • Candles
  • Pillows and a rug
  • A tent
  • camping chairs
  • Popcorn
  • Sodas in a cooler
  • a fan!

What i did:

  • Set up a supper romantic setting with candles and lights
  • Set up a tent
  • Set up a Projector
  • Choose a movie! We watch About Time.. really cute movie but you need to concentrate!


I had a friend with a projector so I asked him for some help and he came by in the morning and set it up for me. The plan was another movie with an added theme to it but my laptop wouldn’t connect to the projector so I had to set it up with my DVD player so i only had limited choices of movies that we could watch. Either way it was still a cute movie and both of us hadn’t seen it before.

It was a supper hot day so I waited till it got dark to set up everything else. I Put up the tent and put a fluffy rug with pillows in front of it and then put camping chairs as an option so we could sit on either or.

I put up the Christmas lights on the clothing wire on the roof and the candles around the rug.

Once everything was set up and ready to go, I made my friend blind fold her and bring her upstairs. Once she was in the right spot i got the movie going and took her blind fold off…

Over all it was an amazing night we watched a movie we cuddled, but we didn’t end up sleeping in the tent because we would have died in the morning with the heat in this country.

Anyway so thats the idea! Try it out if you can!





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