Yesterday is the Past..Tomorrow is Forever Me and my lady have been dating for a year and a half. Like others we have been though many ups and downs.
This is the new year and time for a fresh start and good changes.
She’s going off to uni at the end of the month and its freaking me out.
I decided to make this month extra special. It’s always special but I want this to be more special than anything.
So with the ideas of the ladies at Dating divas And others which i will link i aim to make this month the best month of her life.
Today we went on a date to Color Me Mine, one of those places where you paint your own ceramic things. So she wanted to do vases because we always send each other flowers but the vases turned out to be too expensive so instead I decided to paint piggy banks.
Another thing we did today was our New Years resolutions using these awesome printables from Dating Divas. Check out their New Years Resolution Date Night.
I printed out 2 copies of the file, we did our own personal resolutions first then we did what each of us want from the relationship. Any changes we need to make what we need to work on and things like that. If you still haven’t done your resolutions with your partner you should defiantly print these off.
Happy new year! Lets make this year extra special for you and your special someone.
Yesterday is past, tomorrow is forever.


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