Yes Christmas is over but the blog is new so I thought it would be nice to share what I did for my angel on Christmas with you all 🙂

This Christmas was very exciting for us as it was the first one we were physically spending together.

I decided instead of giving her just one gift that I would do something on Christmas eve, Christmas and the day after Christmas.

Gift 1 – Christmas Eve

On Christmas eve we had to head over to a friends dinner which was very family orientated, we all had to bring gifts for each other and put them under the tree. I decided to keep it very normal and so I got her These Limited Edition Beats because she’s leaving to university and was saying she didn’t have any proper headphones.

Beats Limited Edition

Gift 2

After a party on Christmas night we went home and while she was in the bathroom I displayed some Christmas lingerie on the bed with a card. (Card image found on Google images)

Inside it had instructions to put it on for a little photo-shoot fun. I had the camera set up and came back into the room dressed in a Santa costume and did a little photo shoot. It was a lot of fun!

Nothing wrong with getting naughty on Christmas 😉

sexy SantaThe lingerie I bought was from La Senza and kept it there with a Santa hat to accessorize I also added a Mrs. Clause purse which I purchased at a local store and put in hand cuffs and a tie just to add a bit of fun to the pictures.


Gift 3 – Christmas Day

The day after Christmas I had to head to work so when I woke up I gave her the next thing.

I put together a few things and I wrapped them all together and tied a Xmas tag around it which I got from Dating Divas, 3 Last minute Christmas Gifts, I only used one thing out of the 3 but you can find the rest on there too.

IMG_9113(I thought it would be perfect to attach to the gifts since the night before we played Naughty Santa)

You can find the love coupon printables on from Homemade Gifts Made Easy .I only used the blank coupons  and customized them to whatever I wanted. However, they do also have already filled in coupons.

I made the Christmas movie invites using and changed it a bit to suit me. I suck with photo shop but am able to make small changes here and there. Here is the Movie Invite after my minor not so great changes. Feel free to print it out if you want (I really need to work on my Photoshop skills)

Lastly, I took an old picture of us with our dog and “Santafied” it on the app Santa Hats which you can find on the app store. I then took it over to a local printing shop and got it printed on a Tile with a wooden frame.

Final Part of Christmas – Christmas Movie Date Night

The day after Christmas on the 26th I told her to bring the tickets over. She gave them to me and I took her to the TV room I had made a box, in it was:

1. A couple of Christmas movies to choose from

2. A snuggie

3. Popcorn

4. Water

5. Candy

I put on candles in the room and a mattress on the floor in front of the TV.

We had an amazing 3 days of Christmas!

And that my friends, is What I Did For Christmas. 🙂




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